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About Dudley

Dudley Magnificent is happy to share his world of joy! In fact, he teaches everyone that happiness can come in the smallest things. Whether he is reading a book or enjoying a road trip, fun and excitement is around every corner. 

Dudley Magnificent Presents: A Little Book of Joy


Dudley Magnificent Presents:Take Dudley to Work Day



“My class really enjoyed reading the book. They were excited to see that they like some of the same things! The illustrations caught their attention because they were colorful and conveyed the emotion of the characters. It was a top pick for quiet reading time. I'll have to order another copy!”

Terri D, Preschool Teacher

“Wonderful story and illustration! Our kids LOVE reading this during story time! Can’t wait for the next book!! :).”

T. Zurowski Home School Teacher/Parent

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